Applications 2016

2016 - There are no closing dates for applications. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Date published: 15 Feb 2016

JDRF - Peer Support Program

The JDRF Peer Support Program is a unique program that provides something very different from group support, or online forums. Having one-on-one support early on in your diabetes journey provides a safe confidential space with someone who understands life with T1D and can offer useful advice and support.

The JDRF Peer Support Program is supported by the IOOF Foundation.

Date published: 23 Oct 2015

Redkite and IOOF

Redkite and IOOF partnership

Providing Financial Assistance to those in need in VIC, TAS and QLD throughout their cancer journey.

Date published: 20 Oct 2015

Newsletter 1 - 2015

IOOF Foundation Newsletter 2015

Date published: 21 Jul 2015

New Applications - Update

The IOOF Foundations is not currently accepting any unsolicited approaches from organisations seeking funding at this time.

Date published: 01 Jul 2015

IOOF Foundation 2015

The first funding round for 2015 will open in February.

Date published: 01 Dec 2014

New Chairman - Angelika Dickschen

Welcome to our new chairman Angelika Dickschen and thank you to Mr Ken Barry for his dedication.

Date published: 01 Dec 2014

Melissa Babbage Independent Non-Executive Director

On behalf of the IOOF Foundation Directors, we welcome Independent Non-Executive Director - Melissa Babbage.

Date published: 01 Dec 2014

New Director

IOOF Foundation welcomes a new independent Director - Mr Kevin White.

Date published: 24 Sep 2014

IOOF Foundation Grant Program FY2015

The IOOF Foundation is currently not accepting any unsolicited grant applications.

Date published: 16 Sep 2014

Doxa Youth Foundation

The IOOF Foundation Directors have recently approved a new grant with the Doxa Youth Foundation provides innovative, Engaging education programs for children and young people to achieve their highest potential despite experiencing disadvantage. Camps — School — Cadetships.

Date published: 27 May 2014

Applications Closed - FY14

The IOOF Foundation has closed applications for this financial year. The final applications are currently under review and the applicants will be notified by the 6th of June 2014 the outcome of their application.

Date published: 27 May 2014

Kids Under Cover - IOOF Foundation grant -VIC

The Kids Under Cover Studio Program is a very successful early intervention program that can have a life changing impact for young people at risk of homelessness. Kids Under Cover Studios provide high quality temporary accommodation for one or two young people up to 25 years of age in the backyard of the carer’s main dwelling. The Studio provides a stable and nurturing environment to prevent the young person from leaving home prematurely without financial security or adequate life skills. The IOOF Foundation is supporting Kids Under Cover’s Studio program in Victoria.

Date published: 27 May 2014

Spring / Summer Newsletter 2014

The latest edition of the IOOF Foundation Community News in now available -  IOOF Foundation Newsletter

Date published: 07 Feb 2014

Applications OPEN

Community groups from NSW, SA, ACT, NT and WA are welcome to consider applying to the IOOF Foundation for funding. 

Date published: 07 Feb 2014

IOOF is the Principal Partner of the MCRI Step-a-thon

We are excited to announce IOOF has agreed to become Principal Partner for the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI) Step-a-thon event in September – a national campaign aimed to get kids active, and at the same time, raise funds for important children's health research.

Date published: 09 Aug 2013

Can we assist you with your application?

Are you interested in contacting the IOOF Foundation, please email enquiries@iooffoundation.org.au

Date published: 07 Aug 2013

Community news

Our newsletter is published twice a year following our funding rounds, it highlights some of the projects we have supported, our work and priorities.

Date published: 07 Aug 2013

Applications Open

The IOOF Foundation is accepting expression of interest forms (EOI) for the first of two founding rounds in FY14. EOI are welcome from VIC, TAS and QLD.

Date published: 07 Aug 2013

Blue Mountains Disability Services

Known as Eloura, Blue Mountains Disability Services provides training and employment, residential and day program services to more than 120 people with a disability. By adopting a person-centred approach, Eloura recognises the value and contribution of all participants and has designed initiatives to help individuals reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.

Date published: 03 Jul 2013

Wesley Mission - Education Development Program

We are continuing our support of the Wesley Mission team, as they help ensure young peoples education remains a priority when they are staying in residential care because of statutory protection orders.

The project aims to keep children or young people engaged in school through support from the care team members around them. It also aims to get the child/young person themselves through active support.

Date published: 13 Dec 2012

Berry Big Adventure

In 2013 the Foundation will continue to support the Berry Big Adventure (BBA). The BBA provides a small group of severely disadvantage and marginalised young people with a challenging adventure experience in remote areas of Australia's north. The program is designed to counteract the negative histories and day-day lives of participants, providing a strong 'positive memory'. 


For more information visit http://www.berrystreet.org.au/ 

Date published: 13 Dec 2012

New foundation website

With the support of the IOOF Marketing team we are delighted to introduce you to our new website.

Date published: 22 Nov 2012

2013 key dates

The Foundation provides grants that support Australian not-for-profit organisations working with disadvantaged families, disadvantaged children and youth and aged care across Australia.

Date published: 31 Aug 2012