Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a simple program with the potential to make a big difference to the causes closest to our people.

IOOF employees have the option of donating regularly to the Foundation via monthly pre-tax payroll deductions - the Workplace Giving Program.Employee contributions are matched dollar for dollar by IOOF with no annual limit, doubling the impact of each individual's giving in the community.  All operating costs of the Foundation are also covered by IOOF, meaning all funds donated are passed through to our charity partners.

There are several ways our people can take part.

  • By giving once
  • By giving regularly to the same charities
  • By giving regularly, choosing different charities each fornight

The collective impact of employee's generosity, boosted by IOOF matching their donations and covering Foundation costs, allows us to make annual commitments to our charity partners. These commitments mean our partners can plan for the year ahead with an element of program funding locked in.

Find out more more details on our charity partners and the programs we support.