Maggie Beer Foundation

The vision of the Maggie Beer Foundation is to ensure that all residents in aged care have access to fresh, wholesome, seasonal food, abundant with flavour. To achieve this, they need to engage with and educate cooks and chefs in the aged care sector. There are some amazing examples of great food in aged care, but there are so many others where there is a misconception that aged care food budgets prevent flavoursome, seasonal food being prepared. The MBF education programs have been designed to challenge this thinking and to share best practice.

The IOOF Foundation is proud to continue to support the ‘Creating an Appetite for Life’ program that provides an opportunity for cooks and chefs working in aged care to participate in a two-day workshop with Maggie and industry experts, who share their knowledge and ideas about how to enhance not just the food served but the whole dining experience, all while considering the economic sustainability of the menus being created. The program has been designed for those who are committed to making a difference in their aged care home kitchens and who can influence those controlling menus, the dining experience, budgets and supplier relationships.

The ‘Creating an Appetite for Life’ program is designed for passionate aged care cooks and chefs to engage in an Education Program that has proven the strength of its impact with participants around the country. As Maggie explains, “It would come as no surprise that I loved food all my life; it’s my joy, and sometimes my heartache, but we can fix that, and together, we can improve the health, happiness and quality of life of every older Australian.”

Because Maggie has limited the program to only 30 cooks and chefs, this is very much a hands-on experience for everyone taking part; a chance for participants to ask as many questions as pop into their heads, trouble-shoot the stumbling blocks of cooking in aged care homes, put some fresh thinking around nutritious ingredients, food budgeting, supplier relationships, aged care specific recipes, menus and dining room management.

The IOOF Foundation provides scholarships for key not for profit cooks and chefs to attend this unique program.