Ronald McDonald House - Westmead

We are proud to provide support through funding 100 nights accommodation at Ronald McDonald Westmead. The house consists of 18 rooms and 5 apartments, accommodating up to 109 people each night. In 2015 Ronald McDonald House Westmead accommodated 537 families, with the average stay per family being 12 nights, many of them needing multiple visits. It cost Ronald McDonald House $154 each night to accommodate and support one family.

These families come from remote and rural communities throughout Australia and also New Caledonia. They  expect the communities from which the families originate will benefit as any financial support provided will enable the families to reintergrate into their communities with less financial burden upon their return. A family unit that is supported becomes an active, engaged and socially aware household that can bring a community minded spirit back to their home town. 260 families were turned away due to funding and resourcing issues. The funding provided by IOOF will support families who are requiring urgent accommodation so that they can access medical assistance only available at Westmead for their seriously ill or affected child.