Righteous Pups Australia


"i" is for IOOF The IOOF Foundation has recently supported a two year grant with Bendigo based Righteous Pups Australia RPA. RPA train and place Autism Assistance Dogs with children living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Each Autism Assistance Dog assists their child, when needed, by

  • interrupting repetitive behaviours that stimulate a behavioural meltdown
  • tracking their child should they wander off and become lost
  • act as a natural buffer for anxiety and stress

Our partnership will cover the funding and training of the "i" litter of pups to enter the training program. The training program supports each pup through their journey from pup to placement an 18 month to 2 years period.

The IOOF staff suggested the names for the i litter, with the team at RPA choosing the following names

  • Black Female Izzy
  • Yellow Female Isha (one who protects)
  • Yellow Male 1 Itzal  (shadow)
  • Yellow Male 2 Ingo  (male leader)
  • Yellow Male 3 Ike

For more information visit www.righteouspups.org.au