Our stories

We are proud to support organisations that are creating real change. As part of the grant process all community groups that receive funding from the Foundation provide detailed reporting. Below is one of the many of the case-studies that highlight the important work of our partners and the difference that they're making.

Righteous Pups Australia


Righteous Pups Australia Inc (RPA) trains Autism Assistance Dogs and places them with children
living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through the process of working with troubled at-risk teens,
disadvantaged youth and young people with disabilities, these dogs make a unique contribution to
the community and give these people a renewed sense of purpose and significance within themselves.

RPA was the first, and today remains the only, organisation in Australia to place Autism Assistance Dogs. Through a 10-year intervention, each Autism Assistance Dog gives their recipient child and family 24/7 support that not only enables the family to re-engage with their community, but the child, to learn and develop in ways that would otherwise be out of reach.

Dogs are trained over an 18-month period and, while it costs approximately $29,000 to train and place each dog, there is no cost to the recipient family. The impact these special dogs have on their recipient families is priceless. In fact, these dogs have helped liberate and transform many families that have been wrestling with Autism.

IOOF Foundation Working with the RPA future to build a future 

For years, the team at RPA has been concerned about having
enough of the right dogs for the program. Their main breeder, Kadnook, has always been in high demand and there was never an assurance of pups on a regular basis or volume. 
The funding that we have been able to provide has enabled RPA to partner with Kadnook and set up a breeding program specifically for RPA. By choosing who, when and why, and taking as many pups as they need from the litters, RPA is able to control the frequency and volume.
The variable supply of pups meant that, before our funding support, RPA could never entertain the idea of training dogs for needs other than Autism. Now, not only does the RPA also train dogs that can help people with epilepsy, type 1 diabetes, physical mobility issues and psychological trauma, but because of the success of their Autism Dogs, the demand for RPA Autism Assistance dogs is growing. 
In 2017, team at RPA will have the most engaging puppy enrichment program in the country. They will continue to grow stock in both the breeding and subsequent Autism programs, launch the first canine psychological trauma dogs – Court House Dogs – to aid victims of crime and, in partnership with Dogs4Diabetics in Concorde, USA will begin the training of diabetic alert dogs.